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Gamble Pet Clinic offers many surgical services including ovario-hysterectomy (spay), castration (neuter), tumor removal, and abdominal exploratory surgery. We also repair lacerations and treat abscesses. If a more specialized surgery is needed, we will assist you in a referral to a specialist.Candid Photos 006 (640x547)

To decrease anesthetic and surgical risk, all pets undergoing anesthesia need to have bloodwork performed prior to surgery. Pets that appear healthy on physical exam may have a serious organ function problem that could cause surgical and anesthetic complications. Bloodwork helps the veterinarian to assess organ function and helps determine whether a patient is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. The type of bloodwork performed will depend on your pet’s age as well as the anesthetic and surgical procedure they will be receiving.

Anesthetics will be tailored to your pet based on their bloodwork results, age, pre-anesthetic exam and the procedure being performed. Pain management is also an integral part of each procedure. The veterinarian will make a pain management plan for your pet based on the procedure being performed and health status of the patient.

Our surgical suite is fully equipped with up-to-date monitoring equipment, anesthetic machines, a heated surgery table, and heated water blanket. The safety of your pet is our number one priority, which is why there is a Veterinary Technician/Assistant monitoring your pet throughout the entire surgery. To further ensure your pet’s safety while under anesthesia we monitor their heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG (heart rhythm), blood-oxygen saturation level, and body temperature. Your pet will also receive fluid therapy while under anesthesia as this helps regulate blood pressure, protect vital organs, and maintain hydration.

Once your pet’s procedure is finished they will spend their recovery with us wrapped up in a nice warm blanket being continuously monitored by our Certified Veterinary Technicians/Veterinary assistants.