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How to Prepare for Hiking with Fido

Spring time is just around the corner and soon we will spending more time outdoors with our four legged furry companions hiking, swimming, and camping.

Just like we should be prepared by carrying a first aid kit for ourselves, we should also carry one for our dog. Many sporting goods stores sell first aid kits specifically designed for dogs or you can assemble your own.

The following is a list of what you should have in Fido’s fist aid kit as well as a link to basic first aid procedures that can be printed and kept in your kit:

·        Pet First Aid for Basic Procedures:

·        List of important numbers such as your veterinarian and Poison Control

·        (2) 3” x 3” gauze pads

·        (1) 5” x 9” trauma pad

·        (1) 4” x 4.1 yard stretch gauze (this can also be used as a muzzle to prevent biting during treatment)

·        (1) 2” x 5 yard co-flex bandage or Vet Wrap

·        (1) pair latex or exam gloves

·        (1) metal scissors

·        (1) set of forceps or metal tweezers

·        (4) PVP iodine swabs

·        20 ml bottle eye-skin wash

·        (2) insect swabs

·        hydrocortisone cream

·        antibiotic cream

·        (5) cotton swabs

·        (2) antiseptic towelettes

·        styptic powder

·        (2) green soap towelettes

·        handiwipes

·        (1) 2” x 5 yard adhesive tape

·        (1) 6” x 9” resealable bag

·        (1) rubber band

Other helpful items:

 Remember that many of the contents of your first aid kit do have an expiration date. Be sure to check and replace the contents of your kit often to ensure it’s ready if ever needed.

Please be sure that your dog is up to date on vaccines and that they have appropriate heartworm, flea, and tick preventative on board (you don’t want your dog to get sick from these or bring any of these creepy crawlies home!).

 Make sure that the places you take Fido to are dog friendly, follow any leash laws, and be sure to clean up any “presents” he may leave.

Enjoy your time outdoors with Fido!