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Cat Videos

Choosing the right type of carrier is fundamental to a cat’s sense of security. This video instructs clients to make sure that their carrier is sturdy, quiet and provides easy access to the cat.

This video encourages clients to transform the carrier from a threatening object to a cozy retreat-ensuring an easier and more comfortable experience when it comes time for transport.

This video offers tips to turn the carrier into a safe, cozy spot for a cat by placing articles of clothing, towels or soft blankets in the carrier, and then having clients place the carrier in a warm spot in their home.

Have clients use this simple training program to make trips in the car as relaxing as possible. By gradually increasing the time spent in the car, clients can create a calm travel experience for both themselves and their cat.

Cats need routine veterinary exams.  View this video to see what happens during a feline preventative care exam.

Could you inadvertently be contributing to your cats stress or anxiety levels? View this video and find out.