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We have filled this section with articles and videos to help you take great care of your pet!

Animal Behavior

Did you know some of your pet’s behaviors may be related to a hidden illness…and you may not even realize it? Read more here.

The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists has published a great book called Decoding Your Dog. 

From Barnes and Noble:

“Although this book has a scientific basis, it was written in a manner that is easily understandable for laypersons.Decoding Your Dog will be a valuable addition to the library of any small-animal practitioner or dog owner.” –Angela Bockelman, DVM, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Unwanted behavior is the number-one reason dogs are relinquished to shelters and rescue groups. Dog owners face a plethora of trainers offering a bewildering variety of advice. From rewards to dominance training, from to shock collars to clickers, there are too many theories peddled by too few trained experts. Finally, the board-certified specialists of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists are here to decode how dogs think, how they communicate, and how they learn.

Combining cutting-edge science with accessible and adaptable real-life examples, this is a must-have dog behavior guide showcasing the latest veterinary-approved positive training methods. Decoding Your Dog will resolve the complaints, answer the curiosities, and, ultimately, challenge the way we think about our dogs.

“[The] authors nimbly craft a basic primer for grasping dogs’ demeanor and in the process offer up the best life insurance policy you can buy for Fido.” –Ranny Green, coauthor of Good Dogs, Bad Habits

Decoding Your Dog is an important addition to the canine canon, one that will go a long way toward increasing your understanding of your best friend.” –Bark

Decoding Your Dog can be purchased from many retailers including Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Trimming your dogs nails at home can be challenging. Here is an article on how to counter-condition your dog to having their nails trimmed>

Cat Specific 

Cats tend to be wary of carriers which makes it difficult to get them to the veterinarian.  It is important that you kitty visit the veterinarian at least once a year.  To learn more about Cat carriers and what a feline preventative care exam is, check out these videos.

Cats like fun and challenging environments.  To accomplish this, use tactics such as hiding meals, providing multiple levels for play, and visually stimulating your kitty.  That will help keep your cat entertained and out of trouble.  The Indoor Pet Initiative website is a great source for creating the perfect home for you and your pet:

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) strongly opposes the declawing of domestic cats and supports veterinarians’ efforts to educate cat owners and provide them with effective alternatives.  Please read AAHA’s Declawing Position Statement.  If you are considering declawing your cat, please call to schedule a consultation with one of our veterinarian’s so that they may review alternatives with you.

Is your kitty having litterbox issues?  Are you at your whit’s end with peeing problems?  Read more here about how to pick the right litterbox and litter that is best for your cat.

Cat scratching is a normal behavior and we want to help you know what the best options are for cats to engage in appropriate scratching at home.  There are resources on The Cat Community website at

New Pets

Adopting a new pet?  Learn more about how to set yourself up for success here.

Learn how to pick the right dog for your family here.

Learn how to pick the right cat for your family here.


Grain-free diets are all the rage but did you know you could be harming your canine companion?  Learn more here.

Did you know your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout a lifetime?  Learn more here.

Looking for tummy-safe recipe for home-made dog treats?  Check out this recipe.

Pet Care

Not sure how to trim your cat’s nails?  Meghan will show you how here.

Allergy season is upon us.  Read more about how allergies affect our pets here.

Itchy pet? Read here about fleas!

Could your pet have a tick-related disease?

Is your kitty having inappropriate urination?  Learn more about this common feline behavior problem here.

Read here about how to avoid common pet medication mistakes.

Watch this short video to learn about the six things to know about a pet’s pain.

6 Super Saftey Tips for the dog park here

Learn how to clean your dog’s ears here

Learn how to apply eye drops here

Learn how to use a No Flap Ear Wrap here

Pet Dental Care

February is National Pet Dental Health Month but at Gamble Pet Clinic, every month is pet dental health month.  Read more about dental care here.

Meghan will walk you through how to brush your cat’s teeth here.

Learn how to brush your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush, wipes or a cotton swab courtesy of Hometown Animal Hospital.

Pet Safety Tips

Getting ready to go hiking?  Be sure to pack a first aid kit for your dog.  Not sure what to fill it with?  Check out the list here along with more safety tips for hiking.

Kids and Dogs: Preventing Dog Bites.  Learn how to keep children safe around your dog here.